Wednesday, March 26, 2008

tWo bOooOoo's iN oNe dAy!!

bOoooo #1 - I worked late last night (8:30am - 7:00pm) and wasn't able to go to the gym because by the time I was off work my cousin Sandra was already waiting for me.

bOoooo #2 - After work there wasn't anything good to eat at home, so Sandra and I went to Quizno's because if we had driven to Subway we would have missed our show (Biggest Loser) when I got home and calculated the points! it brought me to -6 for the day!!! remind you it took me about an hour to find NI online for Quiznos! NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN!! I could have eaten McDonald's for God's Sake!!! (which I don't like Thank God)

But anyway! It's getting busier and busier at work for those of you who don't know I'm co-ordinating a 2 day Job fair for my company which includes 60 different companies and 20 different community agencies! It's coming up next week on Monday and Tuesday! and let me tell you! I can't wait for this to be over and done with!!!

My plan is to go to the gym tonight no matter what! and to stay OP like I have been!

Have a great day my Lovelies!


Jennifer said...

I've never actually been to Quiznos, but I loooove Subway. Don't worry, it's only 6 points! I usually go over my Flex by up to 10 each week, and I still lose. You can still lose too! No biggie. Have fun at the gym tonight! :)

8:30-7 is a loooong shift! :(

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Yay #1 - You looked up the NI for your splurge and tracked it thus obeying the laws of "If you bite it, write it."

Yay #2 - You are going to the gym today no matter what!

Yay #2 - You are still OP!

Way to go! :)

Hang in there!

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

YOOOooooOOooo-HooooOOOoooOooo! You still alive out there in cyber land?

*Frantically searching around the WW wagon for you! Have you fallen off, or are you hiding somewhere shedding the pounds!?* LOL!