Friday, February 29, 2008

cLoSee.... bUt nO ciGar!

First things first! I didn't get to my Onederland goal! I did however go down .8 which is ok... I was hoping for more but oh well! like Jamie Lynn said, I'll get to Onederland next week!(Thank you) slow and steady wins the race! I like the little motivational quote that WW gave me when I tracked my weight this morning “Feel pride in how far you’ve come and confidence in where you’re going.” I do feel proud! I feel proud for being OP since the beginning of January!! that's almost 2 months!!! And I'm confident that I will stick to it! in case none of you know ThiS yeAr iS mY yeAr!! LOL
I hear a little voice in my head saying "think about how upset you'll feel when summer time comes and you can't feel comfortable in a tank top... keep going Jessie! You can do itttttt!!!"

This weekend is kind of busy, I babysit Charlie tonight! I cant wait! I haven't seen him in a few months! for those of you that don't know, I was Charlies Nanny for the summer up until December! he's the cutest baby ever! if he was my baby I'd post a pic... but he's not my baby, you'll just have to take my word! tomorrow, Ash and I are taking a drive to Cambridge to pick up a phone from my cousin and hang out with them for a bit and then we have a date in the evening Dinner and a movie....or Dinner and Bowling!! haven't decided yet....and then I work on Sunday!

Anyway I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

thuRsdAy's RamBle...

I'm calling it a Ramble because I don't have much to report...
I've been OP all week! I've only went to the gym once this week because I have a stupid paper due tonight so I've been working on it all week! However I've been trying to get some exercise in by doing other things like stairs and parking far and running around! Hopefully this will help with my WI tomorrow... I had a sneak Peak at the scale this morning and it wasn't in Onederland but it was down! Lets hope It'll go even more down by tomorrow...
I have school tonight!! Blaaahhhhh It's so cold outside I just want to go home and snuggle with my pillows in bed!
NSV for me today! I walked in to work this morning, took off my jacket and my supervisor said "geez Jessie, you can really tell where your losing weight!!" I was soooooo happy and told her that I loved her! I'm also bringing her a coffee tomorrow! LOL
Hope every ones having a great day! I've been so busy at work that I haven't been able to post, I figured since its a little quiet right now I'd update you guys on whats going on!
Thank you all for you motivating comments! your all the BEST!!
byee for nOw!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

thiS yeAr iS mY yeAr!! thiS yeAr iS mY yeAr!! thiS yeAr iS mY yeAr!!

I was chanting this on the elliptical in my head last night... that's right I said elliptical! I WENT TO THE GYMMMM!!!! finally I got my butt back there and it was one haaaaaarrrrd workout!!! it sucks that I haven't gone in so long because now I feel like I'm starting alllllll over again!! so I only did 20 minutes of hard core elliptical and then I did a nice moderate walk on the treadmill! It felt great! and I plan to go back tonight....

I hopped on the scale this morning and I was down! not in Onederland yet but hope fully by Friday (my WI) I'll be there!

Other then that I don't have much else to report.... Hope everyone has a super fantastic day!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Last night I was on my way home from Ash's at around 6:30 PM (he was going out with his friends) I got a phone call from my Aunt asking me if I wanted 2 tickets to the Leaf game!!!! I was a little confused, because this never happens to me! So I asked... whens the game?? how much are the tickets??? and who am I going with?? this is what she tells me... "your going downtown RIGHT now, the game is in an hour, you don't have to pay a thing and you can bring Ash with you!!!!!!" I was soooo excited I called Ash told him to cancel his plans and I picked him up, we headed downtown, met up with my aunts boyfriend (I like to call him SHHHVuNcle! = Should've been my uncle) picked up the tickets and went to the game!!! Leafs won 3-1... Our seats were in the 100th section, behind the net!!! (the seats were amazing!!!!!) it was an awesome game!! soo GO LEAFS GO!!

This weekend has been OK for being OP I haven't splurged to much, and every things counted for so I feel great... I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down 1 pound... lets see if it goes even further down this week!! My goal is to be in ONEderland this week!

On Friday I posted a vent on the GDT about my co-worker who isn't pulling his weight at work and us having to pick up his slack... I was really upset and even more upset when I got some really snarky and rude comments from people... It's just so annoying that these people just sit there and wait to put people down on their threads.... I like to go by the rule... "if you don't got nothin nice to say, then don't say nothin" It's just ridiculous and very high school like... but oh well "se la vie"

Anyway... I'm working today (boooooo) I have a paper due on Thursday and I haven't read the book yet! so I'm off to start that now!! Hope everyones having a great Sunday!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's fRidAy!!!!!

Ok so I was soooooo tired this morning, you know those mornings when you wake up and it felt like you've only slept for 2 minutes?? I had one of those, I just wanted to stay in my cozy bed all day and sleep!! but then I realised it's FRIDAY!!! So I jumped out of bed (O.k maybe I rolled out of bed) and hopped on the scale and I was down .6!! Ok maybe .6 isn't the greatest loss ever, BUT I'm happy with the loss and I know what I need to do! Thanks for the kick in the ARSE guys! I need to get back to the gym! So I plan on dragging myself to the gym after work and also tomorrow morning! I wanna be in OnedeRlAnd this week!!! thats my goal!

X-Box 360 News.... I bought Guitar HERO!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooo excited!! my cousin payed for half of it as a birthday gift which was really cool! and then we Rocked on!!! The coolest part is that because I have X-Box 360 you can play guitar hero LIVE! so with other people!! its crazzzy!

We don't have much going on this weekend Ash works tommorrow and I work Sunday! so we're probably just going to lay low and play video games all weekend! (Can you believe I'm 26???) LOL...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

i gOt mY X-Box 360!!

booooooooooooooyahhhh!! I finally got my X-Box last night! I'm super excited! I was supposed to get a Wii but I couldn't find it anywhere and I became addicted to Ash's X-Box 360 so I went out and bought one with my birthday money! I found a great deal at Rogers and I put it on hold yesterday morning! and Ash and I went to pick it up! yay!!
Other then that exciting news! Nothing else much is going on! I'm still OP but I feel like I'm losing motivation! not on the food part but the working out part! I cant get myself to go to the gym at night or after work because I'm jsut sooooo exhausted! It's tooo cold to go for walks and I'm just not sure what else I can do! I need a kick in the ARSE!
Anyway back to work! It's gotten really crazy around here! boooooooo! LOL
Hope everyones doing well!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm OP!

All day yesterday I was OP!!! yay ME!!
I've planned my meals for today and plan to be OP all day!
LAst night I was supposed to go to the gym but Ash and I had to go to the bank and then I had a meeting with an AVON rep. so I wasn't able to get to the gym! however I popped in a "Walk away the pounds" work out tape and did a short but sweet 1 mile walk...
I definitely plan to go to the gym tonight after work!
So yea, I'm an AVON rep. not sure how I feel about it but we'll see how it goes... I have tons of ladies here at work that are excited for it and also my friends and family are interested in it... I'm just trying to make some extra cash and hopefully this will help!
I LOVVVVVED BLC last night!! it was sooo great! And I'm so happy that Paul got kicked off! he didn't deserve to be there!! he needed to be there probably the most due to health problems but did you see how bad he ate when he went home??? Holy geez! I'm a big fan of the Black team but I gotta say the Blue team rocked that WI last night!!!
Anyway off to do some work!
I'll be posting some pics of the Breast Cancer Fundraiser! So look out for them!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WeiGht wAtCherS... wHat???

Oh man since my 1lb gain on Friday things have just gone down hill!!! I have not been OP AT ALL!!!
This weekend was really busy!
My sister and cousin took me out to dinner and a movie on friday night (@ "Demitris" which consisted of a sandwhich and then a huge chocolate ice cream/fudge brownie crepe mmmmmmmmmm.... ) then saturday we had that Breast cancer dinner and dance! Which wasn't so bad but for some reason on Sunday Ash convinced me to eat McDonalds! which I hate! and didn't even enjoy!! and then Family Day came along and we did nothing but play video games and munch on snacks!!
But today is a new day!! No more Birthdays coming up or occasions so hear we go again!! back oon track!!
My motivation: Seeing the pics from Saturday at the fundraiser and not being impressed!!! :(

Hope everyones doing better then me!!

~ Nobody said it was easy ~

Thursday, February 14, 2008

hAPpY VaLeNtiNes dAy!!!

yay!! I have a wonderful valentine! Ash brought me a huge beautiful bouquet of flowers last night for my birthday/valentines day! they are so beautiful... he kept telling me that he had no money and that he was going to wait for the weekend to get me a gift... it was such a cute surprise when he showed up at the house with these flowers! I love him so much! and I'm so Lucky and Happy to have him!
ok ok enough with the mouuchhhy stuff!
Tomorrows my WI so I'm trying to get in tons of water and hoping for a STS this week, due to all the birthday festivities (cake) LOL I dont think I did so well...
I haven't gone to the gym at all again this week! I just cant get myself to go! I'm going to try and go after work for a hour but we'll see how I feel after work!
Tonight Ash and I are just going to hang out at his house we're not doing anything to crazy only because we have a really busy weekend where we will celebrate Valentines day!
Hove everyone has a Lovey Dovey day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hAppy hUmp dAy! LOL

Today is Wednesday (hump day) LOL...
I've been feeling so tired lately! I don't know what the heck is going on with me!! maybe its cause I'm getting old!! lol
Yesterday was my 26th birthday!! it didn't feel like my birthday! i remember when I was little I used to get soooo excited when it was my big day and I always felt so special! but now it's just another day! we're having dinner tonight for my b-day (my sister was working last night, and I wanted her to be home) my moms making my favorite, chicken parmesian and penne ala-vodka... mmmmm and my sister is baking me a cake... I'm not a big fan of cake but my favorite is the store bought "box" cakes, with the store bought icing LOL YuMMY!!
I've been OP but not working out still... I'm just soooooo tired!!
Hope everyones doing well! Does anyone even read this?? lol

Monday, February 11, 2008

nOt a gOod dAy!

Ash and I got into a HUGE fight yesterday!! and I'm soooo frustrated! I feel like we keep doing this and it scares me! Unlike some people that eat when they're upset I don't eat, I feel sick to my stomache and my nerves take the best of me!
The weekend was good I didn't binge on anything to crazy like I usually do on the weekends! I was pretty good, although I didn't track anything for sunday I still feel like I did alright!
I'm hoping to go to the gym tonight (depending how I feel)!
Tomorrows my Birthday! and I just feel sooo blahh!
Thats my vent! Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

boOooOo tO wOrkiNG on a SuNday!

I know I know, how can you be working on a sunday!?? The thing is, my boss has helped me so much in the past and I just cant say no to him! he was stuck for today and the next few Sundays so I agreed to work! It's not like I'm doing much! I basically had to come to the office unlock the door for teens taking Drivers Ed and sit here online all day and do nothing! I would just rather be in my bed! I'm sooo sleepy!

The weekend so far has been good! just been relaxing! I made a great breakfast yesterday morning for me and DBF, Grilled cheese, eggs and fruit! it was so yummy! and I also did pretty well for the rest of the day considering it was Saturday and thats when I usually slack the most!

Have any of you watched "Juno" yet? if you haven't you must go see it! It's my new favorite!! a friend of ours has a burnt copy of it and leant it to us! It is soooooo cute!

This week I plan to get back to the gym, my broncitis is pretty much gone and my parents are back home from vacation which means I don't have to worry about leaving my grandmother at home alone (she lives with us, and is way to cute! and 83 years old, I just don't like to leave her by herself) so my schedule should get back to normal and hopfully I can see OnederLand this week!!! Wish me Luck!

Friday, February 8, 2008

It'S fRidAy!!!!!!!!

Thank God! What a busy week!
I had my WI this morning and I'm down .2 which is good by me! considering I got a visit from my friend "TOM" last night! blahhh I have horrible cramps!
I was surprised to see the numbers on the scale this morning I thought for sure I had gained due to my TOM and the fact that I only got about 4 AP's in all week!
This week I'm definitly going to step it up and get back to the gym, my cough has cleared up a lot and I'm feeling better!
For the weekend I plan to do NOTHING! Ash is coming over tonight and we plan on beating the game we're addicted to for XBOX 360 (Hitman) and we also plan on watching movies all weekend... we're both broke and exhausted!
HAppy Friday!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

HoLy SnOw bAtmAn!!!!

I don't think I've seen this snow in years!!! It’s crazy! The good news is... I've been OP all week! The bad news is.... I haven't gone to the gym!
I finally went back to the Doctor on Tuesday and I have Bronchitis!! Which means I didn't want to go to the gym and cough up a lung... but I did manage to get some AP's shoveling snow yesterday, this morning and probably this evening! Man I miss my dad! lol lucky him he's relaxing on a beach and not outside in the freezing cold shoveling our driveway!
I've been feeling good about my eating, tomorrow's my WI although TOM is coming to visit anytime now I'm hoping to either STS or have a loss...
I've been feeling a bit down about money, I have so much stuff to pay for and not enough money! My job pays really well but it just never seems enough! I'm definitely in the minus's and cant seem to get out of it! This morning I almost had a heart attack when I didn't have enough money to pay for my gas! I used my credit card (which is almost maxed out) and told the person at the register that my debit card has been acting funny! (How embarrassing!!) Oh well hopefully I'll just win the Lottery! lol Wouldn't that be nice!
Anyway off to eat some lunch!

Monday, February 4, 2008

HorRibLe WeeKeNd!!

So this weekend no rules applied to being OP!!! I made the worst decisions ever including Harveys, Chocolate, Desserts!, and on and on and on! I dont know what the heck happened! I was just craving all of this stuff! the worst part is, everytime I ate something bad, I felt sooooo gross! I don't know why I did this to myself!!
But I'm moving on! in the past I would let this kill me and I'd give up completly, but I came packed to work with tons of fruits, veggies, water and great choices! I plan to go to the gym after work and getting a bunch of AP's!
Lets see how it goes!

Friday, February 1, 2008

wOooOooHoOoo!!! dOwn @ WI tOdaY!!!

So I'm down 1.6!!! I'm thrilled with this loss! I've been OP for a while now and it's really working! I'm down a total of 5 pounds! It's funny cause in the past when I wasn't really working the program, a 1.6 loss would not satisfy me at all! I would be upset and just give up because it was too slow!! But now that I'm actually working the program I'm so happy to see this kind of loss!

My office was closed today due to the snow storm! So I get to stay home!! I'm very excited to be able to lounge all day and do nothing but nap and watch movies... I think I'll try and get some AP's while shoveling the driveway... not sure if the gym will be open and really I hate driving in this kind of weather!

This weekend I don't have to much going on we're just going to relax and not do to much... my parents are leaving to Cuba on Sunday and i'll be driving them to the airport... and of course trying to sneak into their luggage! I need a vacation soooo bad! Ash and I were thinking of going away somewhere in March or April.... we'll see how that goes....

Anyway! off to bed for nap #1...